Our Statement on COVID-19

For the good of the nation’s and our communities’ economies - as well as the health and well-being of our friends, co-workers and families – we are encouraging businesses to strive to continue to the highest level of service they can for their customers during this unusual time.

This may challenge many businesses, but the important thing is to find ways to stay active, communicate and remain as positive as possible – from a safe distance.

For our own part, Whitemyer Advertising has temporarily closed our offices in Zoar in cooperation with Ohio’s Stay-at-Home order. Our staff continues to work remotely, communicating, collaborating and providing continuing service and creativity to our network of clients and suppliers.

We encourage you to reach out directly to members of our staff via cell phone or email. If you do not have the individual’s contact information, please reach out to Tom, Lisa, Ty or Dan via email at accountservices@whitemyer.com.

Thank you, and please take care of your employees, your family and yourself during this unusual time.

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