Genie Company Digital Marketing

We recently took The Genie Company into the digital marketing arena with a national consumer campaign designed to drive website traffic, build brand preference, and ultimately affect sales. Incorporating a multi-channel approach, featuring Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Behavioral/Contextual Targeting and Site Retargeting, the campaign uses various messaging techniques depending on the objective of that channel.

Search Engine Marketing targets individuals when they are in the active research/buying stage; Social Media Advertising uses a more behavioral approach, targeting individuals who match Genie’s customer profile with a message designed to generate brand engagement. Contextual and Search Targeting feeds branding display ads to individuals when they are viewing relevant content to Genie’s products or once they have actively searched for relevant keywords.

To date, the client’s Key Performance Indicators - Click-Through-Rates and Cost-Per-Click - have consistently outperformed channel and product line averages across all channels. And over 70% of traffic generated is comprised of individuals who have never been to the Genie website before.

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